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Read what Michigan residents have to say about their experiences with seclusion and restraint in schools.

He was trying to find a safe place to calm himself down,

 and she didn't want him there, so she and his para yanked him off the floor, cut his forehead with her ring, dragged him down two hallways, and locked him in the seclusion room for 20 minutes."

This seclusion and restraint caused him a lot of emotional distress

and trauma and then his behaviors began to escalate from there, including attempts to elope from the school due to fear of the school environment."

He would often come home crying,

sharing that Mrs. Yelle hurt him so bad, squeezed his arms and hands so hard and pulled his arms behind his back and pushed his head down toward the ground."

9 year old child
3rd grade student

Letter to Michigan Department of Education

Fenton Area Public Schools - Fenton, MI

by Elizabeth Morrison*

I got put in a dark room

that day,

 like many days during a meltdown. Can't remember if it was the janitor's closet or one of the small meeting rooms near the principal's office…but it was completely dark."

I had been in there for what felt like an eternity.

I stayed in the chair at the small table like they asked me to, though I was worn out, scared, sad and frustrated. All I wanted was to feel understood, and to feel safe, but I didn't know how to do that."

I know this led to a lot of issues with my self worth,

dampened my ability to speak up, made me fearful of authority, and made me feel even more anxious about social situations."

It was the 90's, I was in 1st grade.

Elementary School Memories

From Koepsell Education Center - Eastpointe, MI by Katie Kinde

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Stories like these are so important in the movement to end seclusion and the misuse and overuse of restraint in Michigan.  

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