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The Solution

We will advocate to end the practices of seclusion and restraint in Michigan schools through student advocacy, educator support, parent education, quality control, and legislative change.

Student Advocacy:

  • Require that all adults who interact with students in school complete a Basic Awareness Training Module

  • Publish guidelines for identifying and supporting vulnerable students to prevent crisis situations

  • Secure funding for all schools to provide adequate sensory gyms and voluntary calming spaces

Educator Support​

  • Identify and increase access to Approved Educator Approaches to Behavior

  • Create a network of educator support specific to meeting the needs of all students

  • Secure funding to ensure that all educators have full time access to adequate support personnel

  • Publish guidance to clarify all of MCL 380.1307 including commentary, examples, and alternatives

Parent/Guardian Education

Quality Control​

  • Secure funding to create a statewide monitoring and support system

  • Increase the quality and quantity of data collection and ensure free access to aggregated data

Legislative Change

  • Add a statement of purpose to the beginning of MCL 380.1307 for clarification

  • Update the definition of emergency situation to match the U.S. Dept. of Ed Resource Document

  • Add the legal definition of "serious physical harm" to provide clarity

  • Update the definitions of "seclusion" and "emergency physical restraint" to provide clarity 

  • Add all forms of forced or involuntary seclusion to the statement of prohibited practices in MCL 380.1307h

We invite Michigan residents and organizations to sign on to our letter to state representatives.  If you would like to sign on, please fill out the form below.

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