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Summer Campaign 2024

Vision: Seclusion and restraint are not needed in schools. Crisis situations are prevented by meeting student needs in trauma-informed, neuroscience aligned, neurodiversity affirming, relationship based, collaborative educational environments.

Campaign Goal: The school boards of Michigan districts with the highest reported numbers of seclusions and restraints during the 2023-24 school year sign a resolution to follow Federal Guidance and Michigan Law pertaining to seclusion and restraint.

Summer Campaign Documents

Safe Schools Without Seclusion & Restraint

Seclusion and restraint are outdated interventions that came from a time when much less was understood about the developing brain, the neuroscience of behavior, trauma, and before current, more effective, and safer systems of helping children work through difficult emotions were developed.  Using seclusion and restraint is harmful to students’ mental health and it makes schools less safe both for students and for educators, especially when these tactics are used repeatedly and when state laws and federal guidance are not followed. 

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Get Involved

Are you interested in getting more involved in creating safe schools without seclusion and restraint?  Here are a few ideas:

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