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Sad children

Parents & Guardians

It's really tough...

It can be confusing, difficult, and scary to be the parent or guardian of a child whose behaviors do not fall within the school's expectations.  We created a parent guide to help inform parents of the risks associated with seclusion and restraint with the hope that this information might help.

Feeling understood can help...

The EndSaR Seclusion & Restraint support group is for adults with lived experience of seclusion and restraint either as a parent or personally as a child.  Our support group meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7:30pm.  

2024 Meeting Dates:

2024 Support Group Meeting Dates.png

Helpful Organizations

If you are concerned about your child being secluded or restrained, first express your concerns to the school.  If you believe that seclusion or restraint have been use inappropriately with your child, if it is happening repeatedly, or if you are not happy with the way the school is working to resolve the issues through an EIP, PBIS, or other preventing strategies, there are organizations that can help.

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